Websites That Provided Free Icons For Commercial Use

Icons are a mini visual representative in graphic designing and make a presentation or any other design attractive enough to catch the eye of consumers. Designing these small pieces from the starch could be a hassle, but we present you with a list of websites that provide free icons for commercial use. These free web icons for commercial use are easy to download and use as well. Whether you are a web designer with a shortage of time or new to the world of e-commerce, these free icons will fulfill all your needs. These icons are fully free but with attribution and credits on using their graphic images and icons on download. We suggest you read the license, terms, and conditions before using or downloading them. Without further delay, we direct you to websites where to get free icons for commercial use.
Here is a list of Websites that offer free icons for commercial use:


Flaticon is used worldwide and is well known globally due to its large exposure to different free icons for commercial use. They come in all formats including SVG, EPS, PSD and PNG formats in different sizes of customers’ choice. Flaticon not only offers a variety of free icons, but it also offers features like the font-face generator and a plugin for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects. Which allows direct access to tons of free icons on their database. All their icons are free to use but attribution Is needed under their CC license.


Icons8 is your free market with various free icons and button icons including other various features such as photos, UX illustrations, and music for your videos. So, you can not only grab your pack of free icons for commercial use but a lot more too.


GraphicBurger is a free one-stop destination for millions of free icons by Romanian designer Raul Taciu. The website holds a record of 22.5 million downloads up till the day. The website is also updated from time to time providing you with new and fresh free icons. So, search your pack today and get bundles of free web icons for commercial use..

1001 Free Downloads

1001 Free Downloads offer not only a vast collection of free button icons but other free features like vectors, gradients, PSDs, fonts, and photos as well. Their designs and icons are well updated and used immensely by different new designers and developers because of their high-quality features. Search


Looking for professional and designer icons, Behance is your stop to shop. Behance offers you both free and premium icons, you can search through the website and find what is up to your liking and choice. The website does not only search friendly but also offer quality material and a wide range of icons from colorful, stylish to decent and sober icons.

Β ZillionDesigns

Around 100,000 designers from over 200 countries all around the world offer their work at ZillionDesigns. It offers both free and premium services depending on your needs and demand. You can find freebie services from time to time including free icon packs available in different formats, styles, and colors.


With a variety of best free icons for commercial use, DeviantArt is a powerhouse with 200,000 icons available for free download. Apart from free icons, you can also find different artists and designers on the website, who sells their work as well as work on demand. Although attribution is an important requirement by the contributing graphic designers and artists. But you can simply become a member of the DevianArt community and enjoy the free resources.

Captain Icon

Captain Icon provides free icons for commercial use in every form such as EPS, PSD, PNG, SVG, and Web Font. The best thing about Captain Icons is that you can customize the icons yourself from color to size. Although according to the policy attribution is required to use the icons for both commercial and personal use.

Material Icons by Google

Google Design Team has created the online platform Material Icons free and lightweight. These icon designs are available for all kinds of web processes such as free icons for e-commerce websites, free icons for business cards, brochures, flyers, and free icons for web developing applications.


Glyphish is the powerhouse of icon packs offering a variety of icons by Joseph Wain. The icon packs available on the website, each pack carries around 200 files with icon collection of 1600. Serving its customers in all formats, including PNG, SVG, PSD, and AI. You can find both free and premium pack on Glyphish, the premium starts from $25 varying to $125.


If you are into decent and minimal looking UX interface and design, Fontello is the place to go. Just simply pick the icons that suit your theme and download them as a web font. Fontello offers free icons for commercial use no attribution, but still, don’t forget to check the designer or artist’s attribution requirements. The icons can be customized later if you want to change from simple black color to different vibrant colors.

Find Icons

Find Icons powers over 450,000 icons, all at one place with a wide range of designs. It is the plant of free icons for commercial use. Apart from free icon packs, the website is user-friendly and convenient to find icons of your liking, with different filter features. You can filter your search results by size, style, color, license and more. The icons are designed in a way that promotes a more beautiful UI experience of your website no matter what purpose you use them for, from application development to website development.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a graphic designer or a lay-man who is new to the digital world, the use of icons is non-ending. Icons work as non-verbal signs for our websites and applications to guide people without reading the caption. Besides that, icons save space and time, but creating them for your every work would be a hassle as well. You can simply download free icons for commercial use as well as personal use, whether you are into minimal and simple icons or ones with rich and vibrant colors and designs. These are the websites that offer you both free icon packs and premium deals ranging from high to low prices.

These icon libraries would also need attribution as a compliment to the artist, you may find free icons for commercial use with no attribution as well. Simply download them and enjoy your working experience with these high-quality icons. I hope we have solved your issue of where to get free icons.
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