Every successful business has a brand that is known by the people. For instance, any item that comes with the Apple or Nike logo is instantly recognized by everyone.

You might not be running a million-dollar company right away, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need an alluring brand identity for your business. If you are not sure what it is or why it is essential for your business, then continue reading to find out more.


When it comes to brand identity, it includes everything that is going to be visible to the public. It is the collection of elements that you use to portray your business to your customers. In simple words, it is the perception that you wish to create for your business in the eyes of the world.

Everything from your company’s name and logo, to the variety of colors and typography that you use to create posters, name tags, business cards, billboards, etc, is part of brand identity. Even the slightest pinch of color here and there plays an important role.


People often tend to mix the terms branding, brand image, and brand. The term brand refers to the perspective that the world has about your products and services. In contrast, the brand image refers to the results of brand identity, that is whether your brand has a positive identity or a negative one. Branding, on the other hand, is different from the two. It is all about how you market your brand to the world. Although, all these terms go side by side and help you build a successful brand that is recognizable, trustable, loyal, and conveys an instant message to the customers about your business.


Many business owners fail to understand the importance of brand identity and often end up losing in the market race, which is going at a full pace.

There are multiple businesses similar to yours that are running at present in the same location as yours. The question is, what makes your business special and why consumers must choose you over others? This is where your brand identity helps you answer.

In simple words, it helps you distinguish your business from the other Smiths, Johns, and Harry’s in the market.

The concept of brand identity is used everywhere by everyone nowadays because there is a need to stand out in the crowd to make a name for yourself.

Here are some of the essential ways in which brand identity helps you portray your unique and personalized image to the consumers out there.

Sends Out a Bigger Image

What is the difference between Apple and your local electronics brand? Why buyers, investors, and suppliers around the globe wish to be associated with Apple but not the local brand? The reason is that Apple is a much bigger brand and the company then your local electronics company. Although both companies manufacture similar products, they run in different circles.

Apple has a strong brand identity that makes it look more significant and much more serious to the prospects out there. Buyers prefer Apple because they believe that Apple products are packed with the latest technologies, and the brand is highly reliable.

But a local business can’t enjoy all these perks due to the lack of a strong brand identity. There is a simple rule in the market, the more successful you look, the more successful you will become. It is all about the image and brand like Apple, Nike, Gucci, etc. spend millions of dollars on their brand identity to create that perfect image for the world to see.

The personality of Your Brand

As a new business owner, you often forget to differentiate between you and the business. Instead of creating a brand for your business, you end up creating a brand around yourself. It is you that the people begin to recognize and not the company. It works if you wish to become a public speaker, but if you want to become a successful business owner, you need a brand for your business and not yourself.

For example, millions of people buy iPhones, but only a handful of them know Steve Jobs, but all of them know about Apple. The same is the case with Amazon. Jeffery Bezos is the richest man in the world at present, but millions of Amazon users still don’t know that he is the owner. The reason is that your business is more significant than you; thus, your brand should be based on your business and not you.

Loyalty and Trust

The only way you can stand out from your competition and not fear the loss of your customers is if you build a strong emotional relationship of loyalty and trust with your customers. This can only be possible if the customers have the same values as your brand holds, and to indicate your values to your customers, you need a strong brand identity to convey the message.

When it comes to Nike or Adidas, buyers instantly feel a connection with their products. Every item that is manufactured by them speaks out to the customers and portrays a positive perspective in their minds. Since, for a decade and more, these brands have delivered high-quality products; thus, their buyers trust the brand’s products and always have loyal to them when it comes to buying new attire.

Memorable Experiences

People hold on to memories, and with the help of digital devices such as smartphones and digital cameras, you can now hold on to your memories forever. That is precisely what a strong brand identity helps you do. It makes your company, your products, and services memorable to the customers.

Your logo, your slogan, a TV commercial, or even a billboard will help your customers remember who you are. Every element that you use to create your brand’s identity gives you a chance to build a memorable experience with your prospects.


The million-dollar question is how you build a strong brand identity. Well, it is not a few hours process. Instead, it takes years and years to build a strong brand identity. From the day you begin your business to the day of sale, every step that you take to market your business becomes a part of your brand identity. But here are the key elements that you need to create a strong, attractive, and consistent brand identity for your company.

Purpose and Position

The very first thing is to identify the purpose of the brand. The purpose will define the entire strategy on how you should build your brand identity and what steps you need to take to create the brand identity that you wish to achieve. According to Google veteran, Arielle Jackson, “Your purpose is how you want to change the world for the better.”

Market Research

This one of the hardest steps to get through, and often, business owners tend to ignore it as it seems like a very basic thing to do. The more basic it seems, the more important it is in reality. Having insight into the market that you are going to be operating in gives you an idea of what needs to be done and how you will do it to create an impression.

Market research is about identifying your competition, looking out for customers and prospective buyers, reaching out to suppliers and investors, and other prospects within your respective location and worldwide as well. All this will help you come up with a strategy that will be effective and persuasive.


Your target audience is a major element. There are billions of customers out there, but that doesn’t mean they are your customers. Every business has a set of targeted customers, and it is time that you find yours. The internet is the best way to find them, we suggest that you hit all social media platforms to learn about their demographics.

For instance, if you are running an athletic attire store, then athletes are your targeted customers. You need to find some of the professional traits and some of their traits such as height, weight, age, gender, location, etc.


Defining these traits will help you select the right logo, colors, and typography for your brand identity.

Alluring Logo

Next is designing your logo. Your logo is a very important step. Brands often tend to refine their logos from time to time in the initial stages of brand identity to get the perfect logo, which will portray their business in the best way possible.

The thing about the logo is that it is one of the most visible elements of your brand identity. It is printed on almost all of your marketing projects, which is how you communicate with the world and get their attention.

Make your logo simple and to the point. Don’t add too many graphics or color to it. It might confuse the customers and make it hard for them to understand the actual message you want to convey also it will hard for them to remember it.

Color Palette

Choosing the right color palette is also very important. Each color comes with its psychology. For instance, blue represents calmness, whereas yellow and red represent energy and enthusiasm. You can easily adjust the emotion by playing around with different tints to find the perfect vibe that you like.

Always go with color combinations that are attractive to the eye. Evaluate your business goals, audience demographics, brand name and logo, and other elements when choosing a color combination. Choose something that can be used on all occasions and still make your brand look exciting.


Lastly, typography is a very important element of brand identity. You might be called a typography nerd, but choosing the right font and the font size is essential. You need to pick out something that would go with your logo and color combination.

Fonts can be very powerful when used right. Use a recognizable font that is easy to read and can be used on all your brand designs to build consistency and stability. Make your customers remember your brand.


Your brand identity is what distinguishes you and your business from the endless competitors in the market. Brand identity is your business personality.

If you wish to create a strong brand identity, you need to get it right from the start.

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