The term digital marketing is quite vast, and that is one of its most significant advantages. It covers so much ground that there is no way that you would leave any of your potential customers behind. The primary purpose of digital marketing is to reach out and inform your customers.

No matter which mode or channel of digital marketing you choose, content writing is always there to assist. Content writing is known to be an essential element of digital marketing. To reach out and provide information to the public, you need to create content on all digital marketing platforms.

What is Content Writing?

The term content writing is self-explanatory. In simple words, it means creating content. Content writing is the process of planning, writing, and editing content mainly for digital marketing. Content writing includes everything from the written content such as blog posts and web content to the video scripts, images, infographics, and press releases shared all across the digital marketing platforms.

What is the Main Purpose of Content Writing?

Content writing is considered to be one of the essential components of digital marketing. But many clients often tend to eliminate the need for content on their website to make it more visually alluring. Adding more visuals and less content to your site can make it attractive, but at the same time, it can hurt your search engine rankings.

Content marketing strategies are highly diverse and versatile. You can develop them according to your marketing goals and expectations. Here are a few of the significant reasons which suggest the importance of content for your website or any marketing platform.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine these days have upgraded their ranking system. Unlike before, they now come with a specific set of rules and guidelines according to which various websites and webpages are ranked in the search results. Content enables the search engines to learn the purpose of your website. Emitting content from your site would affect your SEO rankings directly.


Content that you publish on your website provides information to the world. Not only is it informational for the search engines but also for the potential customers who visit your website. The type and the quality of content that you post on your site help portray the purpose of your website.

You must optimize the content on your website according to the SEO guidelines so that the search engines know where to rank your website in the search results for relevant queries by the users. Adding content to your products and services on the website also helped provide useful information about them to the customers, which can help increase conversions.

Internal links

Internal links are one of the best ways to lead your potential customers to the information or the product or service that they might be looking for. Since you have a ton of content on your website, it is essential that you inter-link the content as well, and that is what internal links help you do.

An internal link is a piece of text that is hyperlinked to another webpage on your website. The hyperlinked webpage provides additional information to the readers that they might be looking for. Not only do internal links help you guide your readers but also help the search engine crawlers understand your webpage better, which can be helpful in SEO rankings.


Keyword strategy is one of the essential components of content marketing. The principal purpose of content marketing is to help you rank your webpages in the search engine results and provide useful information to your readers to build credibility and trust.

Calls to action

You might have seen multiple ‘call to action’ buttons. The most common call to action buttons is; contact us, request a quote, proceed to card, download, etc. These action buttons are designed to get the attention of the reader and persuade him to complete a specific action.

Using the right call to action buttons and the text along with it can help increase your conversation rate. Instead of just going with one action button, add multiple of them on your website on different webpages to get the attention of the viewers.

Types of Content Writing

The basic definition of content writing is to write content, and every piece of information that you create is called content. Content writing is a very vast terminology. Here are the most common types of content writing.

Written Content

Text-based content is categorized as written content. It is also the most commonly used type of content writing, as it is the easiest to come up with. Plus, written content can further be divided into multiple classes, which give the business owners the advantage to test each type and choose the most effective of all.

Blog Post

Creating a blog for your website is one of the most common types of content writing. Blog posts are highly interactive and are designed to reach out to customers. In today’s time, blog posts are highly essential for search engine optimization. A creative and interactive blog post can help build a network and increase your leadership status.

At present, blog posts are said to be top performers for businesses these days. With informative and engaging content paired with the right SEO techniques, a blog post can drive a high amount of traffic to your website and act as a lead generator for your e-commerce based business.

Guest Posts

Many people get a bit confused between blog posts and guest posts. Although guest posts are published on your blog, the difference between them is that the guest post is written by someone other than your marketing team.

Guest posts are used to increase the credibility of your blog posts and your business. It is also used for link building which helps in website marketing. Other than that, if you get an influencer to write a guest post for you, then you can get their readers on your blog as well, which will increase your traffic and might generate leads.

White Papers and EBooks

White papers and EBooks are the best type of content writing for businesses that are experts in their industries. Unlike blog posts, white papers and EBooks are a highly educational piece of content that is backed up by extensive research, evidence, and statistical data. It helps you build your reputation as an expert in the industry and give a justified opinion on a subject matter.

It is best to write a white paper or an EBook and publish it as a PDF file so that it is easily downloadable by all. Many businesses use them to write in-depth pieces to educate their customers. Choose a topic that your reader would like to get a perspective on. Plus, use the right keywords and add hard evidence to your information to enhance your SEO ranking and generate potential leads.

Customer Success Stories, Case Studies, and Testimonials

According to a survey conducted, 90% of the buyers are influenced by reviews, testimonials, and case studies. As a customer, we are more likely to purchase something that has already been purchased by another genuine customer and has helped him with his underlying problem.

Real-time testimonials, case studies, and reviews are an essential component of content marketing. They are designed to help influence the purchase decision of potential customers. They showcase that the company delivers on its promise and meets the expectations of the customers.

It is best to dedicate a webpage on your website for reviews, success stories, and testimonials. At present, these can help generate leads at the bottom of the funnel, whereas, if written well can be helpful for SEO in the long-run.

Visual Content

Test-based content holds its place in the digital marketing world, but at the same time, without visual content, your text-based content would seem dull and unattractive. In this digital world, people tend to get attracted to visuals more than content, so when the two are paired right, that is when you get gain huge benefits. Here are the common types of visual content;


The human brain can process visual information 60,000 times faster as compared to textual information. Plus, according to many neurologists, you are more likely to remember information when it is paired with visuals. So why wouldn’t you use them for your content marketing?


Sometimes, it is best to explain a piece of information in the form of visuals. Infographics are a combination of images and text. Using the right amount of two to create an engaging image can help you communicate your message to both your text-based and visual reader at the same time.


GIFS are live images that add a bit of humor and fun to your content. It is best used for social media posts such as on Facebook and Twitter to get the attention of your customers and interact with them on trending topics to build relationships.

Video Content

Video content in this digital era is one of the best ways to get the attention of the viewers. Video content is best used when you wish to promote your product or service or want to share a more interactive piece of information with the public. Here are a few of the most common types of video content.

Product Demos

Creating video demos for your products help you showcase your products in action. This helps the potential customers get an insight into the product before they make the purchase. It is best to highlight the essential features of your product in the demo. Also, make sure to answer some of the frequent questions to highlight the value of your product. This will help you move the potential customers upwards in the funnel towards the actual purchase.


Vlogs these days tend to have a high engagement rate. The best thing about Vlogs is that they are quite easy to come up with. The essential purpose of a vlog is to get the attention of the viewer. Initially, you won’t be able to get many customers, but over time, when you built a connection with your viewers, you can easily persuade them to try out your products and services.


All products come with instruction manuals, but hardly anyone reads them because people tend to learn faster from visual means. So create how-to tutorials to help your customers find the best use of your products even after the purchase. This will help you build a secure, reliable, and trustworthy relationship with them.

Final Words

Without content, you would not be able to share any kind of information with the public, which would affect your credibility, expertise, and SEO rankings. Content is the king of digital marketing, so why not use it to the best of your advantage and market your business to the world.