What is print media marketing?

Print media marketing is the category of the marketing industry that uses print media such as magazines, newspapers, and billboards to reach out the potential business customers and the general public.

Instead of sticking to the digital means, this form of marketing uses physical means instead to interact with the target audience. Initially, printed materials were created by hand which was quite a time consuming but now with the help of printing press and computer programs, you can create endless print media adverts to showcase your business to the world.

Types of Print Media

The good thing about print media marketing is that it is quite versatile. There are multiple types of print media that you can use in your marketing campaign to make it successful.


When it comes to print media, the newspaper is the first option that comes to mind. It is not only the most popular but also the most commonly used form of print media that can be easily used to reach out to millions of customers in your geographical location.


Newsletters are used for informational and promotional purposes. As a company, you can use a newsletter to keep your employees and your customers up-to-date with the latest products and services or a significant change or upgrade in the company.


Magazines are one of the most interacted types of print media. Magazines are composed of various articles and stories on different topics such as sports, media, finance, lifestyle, etc. Businesses can publish ads in a magazine to reach out to a specific group of individuals. Since the magazine already has an audience thus you don’t need to find one on your own. For instance, if you are running a clothing brand, then a fashion magazine would be the best platform for you to reach out to your potential customers.

Banner and Posters

Banners and Posters are used to promote a specific message, slogan, or logo. Both banners and posters are mostly hung at high places so that they are visible to all individuals passing by. They contain text and graphics – both in large fonts and designs to catch the attention of the public. In most cases, banners are used at exhibitions to highlight the brand and its products and services. In contrast, posters are used in public areas, much like billboards – just smaller in size.


Billboards are defiantly the most interactive form of print media but they do cost a lot. The thing about billboards is that they are placed in a high area usually with the most traffic so that they can be seen and read by thousands from a distance. It is almost impossible for a person passing by to ignore a billboard.

Brochures and leaflets

Brochures and leaflets are small takeaway booklets which contain all the information about a company. Starting from the mission and goal to the products and services offered by a business, everything is mentioned in a brochure. They are mostly distributed at shops and exhibitions to help give the customers a better insight into the business.


Flyers are one of the oldest types of print media. Flyers are like tiny mostly A4 sized posters that are distributed among the public or put on walls to get the attention of the people.

A flyer must be eye-catching because otherwise, no one would pay attention to it. It is quite an inexpensive and quick way to market your business which is why it is still popular among many business communities around the world.

Letters and Postcards

Letters and Postcards are direct marketing campaigns. They are used to reach out to a small number of targeted audiences since you can’t send direct mail to millions of people around the globe. In most cases, the individuals who are sent the direct mail are the loyal customers of the business.

Importance of Print Media In Marketing Campaigns

Nowadays marketing campaigns are mostly compromised of digital media. But the successful companies out there still understand the importance of print media and continue to use it. Print media still holds an important place in the marketing industry. Without it, as a business, you would miss out on millions of potential customers.

If you are not sure whether you should involve print media in your marketing campaign or not then read through the importance of print media below.

It’s sensory

Reading a magazine or book in hardcopy doesn’t feel the same as reading one online on your phone or tablet. A printed copy has its touch, and presence which can’t be replaced by a digital copy. With print media, readers feel a lot more engaged as compared to digital media. No digital media can offer those sensory feelings to the readers as print media does.

It’s credible

You might have heard people say that don’t believe anything that you read on the internet. It is a common phrase used by all internet users. The reason being, anyone can post anything on the internet free of cost, especially on social media platforms.

However, when it comes to print media, a single piece of information is analyzed, edited, examined, and reviewed multiple times by numerous different channels before it is published. This ensures that any piece of information that you see in print media form is reliable.

Millennial love it

No matter how modern and digitally induced people are today, they still like to hold on to things. You might be surprised to hear that millennials are the biggest proponents of print media. According to a study by JWT, eight out of 10 Americans still prefer a hard copy of magazines over the digital copy.

Millennials are attracted to anything that comes with sentimental value. Fashion magazine readers like to cut pages and keep them as posters in their rooms. Couples keep hold of broachers, posters, leaflets, and tickets from their first date or a special occasion. So, no matter how much the digital world has taken over, people still like to hold on to the print.

It’s everlasting

Newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, and other print media are said to be eternal. These printed pages aren’t just temporary adverts but are physical pieces of information that stick with the people forever. People don’t just read the magazine once and throw it away. They like to keep them for years and flip through them occasionally from time to time. Thus, your ad in the magazine never disappears – it is everlasting!

It’s inexpensive

You might be under the impression that your business needs a huge sum of investment to begin a print media marketing campaign. Although it isn’t bad to have a huge budget, but you don’t need more than a few hundred dollars to get an ad in some of the best publications in the country. Plus, there are multiple types of print media that you can create and distribute on your own without any professional cost.

Digital vs. Print Media – Which is better for marketing?

Well, this has been a controversial topic since the lunch of digital media. Some companies like to stick to the old ways of print media whereas the new emerging companies like to use digital media for marketing purposes. Therefore, both print and digital media have their own set of perks to offer to a business in terms of marketing.

If you were to look at it in detail, you will notice that one isn’t better than the other. To reach out to all of your potential customers you need to target them all. In today’s time, most of them are digitally available, but there are still those loyal customers that like to get your postcard in the mail or pick out broachers at the newsstand, etc.

It all depends on the type of business that you are running and the kind of audience that you have. In short, you shouldn’t ignore either of them when it comes to developing a strategic marketing campaign.

Final Words

Print Media has been a part of this world for centuries now. Even though digital media has taken over in most parts of the world and people enjoy being connected digitally but it can never take over print media. Newspapers, brochures, postcards, and letters are still close to many customers out there. So ignoring it would only affect your marketing campaign!